One Down; Seven To Go

Well, I’ve completed my first week of the Whole Life Challenge.  

  • Is it hard? Yes!
  • Do I feel hungry and slightly deprived? YES.  
  • Am I proud of myself for diligently eating clean for TEN days in a row? ABSOLUTELY.  

I really want some chocolate though…

The first five days were a cake walk. I didn’t have any cravings or headaches; I was enjoying the meals I had planned for the week; my work outs were going really well. Day six was when it got rough, though.  Thursday night I spent an hour or so searching through Paleo boards on Pinterest. My intention was to find some new/good recipes to try out this week, but I more or less ending up finding a ton of [not so] Paleo dessert recipes, and drooling over all of the yummy looking pictures. But instead, I had to just pin them and commit to waiting until after April 13th to try them– NO FUN.

My strategies throughout this week and will be for the next seven weeks is to tell myself:  

1.  “There will be always [insert desired non-paleo food here] in two months, just be patient.”  

2.  I have to think about food as a means of fueling my body versus as a means of indulgence/satisfaction. 

But I a using these two recipes to keep my spirits up:

That’s all for now!  See ya next time!


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