That’s what I was screaming when I ran out to the car this morning when we were leaving to go to the box.  Jacob laughed at me.  I can’t help it though, I just get so excited about CrossFit!

So, my 13.1 adventure actually started out on Wednesday night while I watched them announce the work out live from Charlotte, and then I watched in amazement as Dan Bailey and Scott Panchik made the WOD look easy!  I was also a dummy and didn’t realize that they were going to have scaled weights for women, so I thought I was going to have to snatch 75lbs, 135lbs, 165lbs and 210lbs.  The thought of that made me want to laugh/cry since my 1 RM snatch was only 75lbs.  I spent all day Thursday thinking this too (so silly).

When I got to the gym Thursday evening I was still super nervous. Then, our coach announced the weights for women, and I immediately felt a little better.  I still wasn’t sure how many times I’d be able to snatch 75lbs.

After we were all warmed up and stretched out, we got our weights ready and our burpee spot.  My judge/rep counter came over and it was a bro I’d never met before, but he was super nice.  I had absolutely no strategy going into the WOD.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect since this my first open,  and to be honest, it sort of felt like any other work out.

As the clock started counting down I had that “roller coaster” feeling, and I think the excitement/adrenaline took over at that point, and I was down for my first burpee.  It went pretty well actually, after about 20 burpees I can remember thinking, “Ugh, burpees suck.” But that’s typical of any burpee work out.  I think I was just trying to move as fast as possible through the burpees since I knew I could do those and was way more worried about doing snatches.  The first set of snatches at 45lbs went pretty fast too.  I think I broke them up into 2 sets of 15 since the weight wasn’t too heavy.  Then it was back to burpees.  Fatigue started catching up with me at this point.  I didn’t feel as fluid in my second set of burpees–I probably should have paced myself better.  After the 30 burpees I got back to the bar.  The first snatch was brutal.  75lbs felt so much heavier than I remembered. I had a lot of time though, 8 minutes I think.  That seemed like a lot of time to do 30 snatches.  They kept getting harder though, and by the end of 17 minutes, I had completed 26 snatches at 75lbs.  I was definitely happy with my performance since 75lbs was my previous 1 RM.  So in total, my reps for the first attempt was 126.  No, I’m not going to make it to the Games this year, but this is a personal best for myself, so I’m happy.

After the WOD, I stayed to help count reps for the 7pm class, even though it meant having to miss watching Jeopardy 😦  Yes, my roommate and I are super nerds, and we watch Jeopardy together every night.  We’re actually pretty good.  I could definitely hang with the teenage contestants that they have sometimes.

Fast forward to Saturday, March 9th…

I drove to Roanoke after work on Friday since Jacob has a class Sunday morning.  I’m such a nice girlfriend 🙂  We decided we were going to do the open workout together at his affiliate – Brickhouse CrossFit in Roanoke, VA on Saturday morning.  I’d never been to BHC before and was pretty excited to check it out.  Before heading downtown we picked up our good friend Andrew, a fellow CrossFitter, who was also going to be doing the open work out with us.

By the time we got to the box, there were already 6 heats filled!  So many CrossFit athletes, I love it! We signed up for heat 7 and proceeded to watch the torture as everyone else completed the WOD before us.

FINALLY, at about 12:30 it was our turn to go.  Jacob and I were able to work out right next to each other, which made me feel a lot better since I didn’t really know anyone there.  I rolled through the first set of burpees again, then had the same strategy with the first set of snatches (2 sets of 15).  The second set of burpees seemed to tick by quickly also.  THEN, the daunting 75lb snatches-ugh.  I felt a little better knowing that I should be able to get through at least 26 of them.  I started the snatches at 11:00 minutes.  I had to drop the weight after every one, not the best strategy, but hey, I’m not all that strong yet.  With 15:10 on the clock I had completed 25 snatches…only 5 more to go.  I rocked them out by 16:00 minutes exactly, and dropped it for some more burpees.  At this point I was pretty exhausted, but I knew I wasn’t going to give up. I got through 11 burpees making my total score 141 reps.  15 more than Thursday— wooohooo!!!! Not going to lie, I was pretty siked. I love CrossFit.

I honestly can’t wait for next week’s WOD.  Annie and Camille will be doing the WOD live in Brooklyn and it’s going to be aweeesome! The good news is…only 4 more days until Wednesday!

So what does a couple do after a Saturday CrossFit work out?  Well, we made lunch:  Rutabaga + onions + eggs with bacon.  Much yummier than I expected! I also made apple/cinnamon muffins while Jacob took a nap.  And for the rest of the day we’ll be watching Combat Rescue and eating pork carnitas for dinner.  Exciting, I know, you must be so jealous.  Kidddddding.

Anyways, thanks for reading the tale of my first CrossFit Open WOD.  I hope you all had fun doing the WOD as well and I image lots of you PR’d too- which is AWESOME!  Best of luck to us all over these next few weeks!


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