Confessions of a CrossFitter

I am a terrible rower…

There I said it.  I suck at rowing. I dread rowing during WODs, even during warm-ups sometimes.  For the life of me I can’t understand why I’m so inconsistent with my strokes. Both of my coaches have worked with me on my rowing technique, and sometimes I can implement their instructions, but then I always end up back in my old, inefficient habits.  #worst

So…with the Internet as my witness, I am making it my person goal to become a better rower by the end of the Whole Life Challenge (April 13th).  I figure that’s a solid date, plus our benchmark WLC WOD includes rowing at the beginning, and I want to own that WOD.  Plus I’ll be able to actually “measure” my performance to determine if I’ve actually improved and become better.

How am I going to become a better rower?  PRACTICE!  Since our morning class is usually small, we get to warm up on the rowers a lot of the time, so that will be a great time to practice, and any other “down time” I have after WODs or on Saturdays.

I also started with some good, old-fashion research tonight (it’s what I do best).  These are some great videos I found on  The first one is long, but seemed the most helpful.  The other two have a lot of background noise (literally), but are still super helpful.  Jason Khalipa’s video is incredibly simple and basic, but I like his explanation of the order in which the movements happen:  “Legs, Hips, Arms, Arms, Hips, Legs” Just like a ladder! I plan on saying this over and over again when I’m rowing.  I hope these help!




What’s your CrossFit “goat?”  What exercise/movement makes you cringe when you see it on the whiteboard?

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a CrossFitter

  1. Two things I hate more than anything else, pull-ups and box jumps. One, I’m just not strong enough yet to lift my frame (I’m 240lbs) and two I have absolutely no agility.

  2. […] that time I confessed to you guys that I’m a terrible rower?  Well guess what?  I’m improving!  I forgot to post about it sooner, but I PR’d on […]

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