Epic Watch Fail

Good Morning everyone!!

I just wanted to share my morning WOD mishap from today. We had another birthday WOD, it was:

35 burpees
800m run
35 pull ups
800m run
35 ab mat sit ups
800m run
35 kb swings @ 35#
800m run
35 burpees

Because there was a lot of running in the WOD I decided to wear my Garmin watch to see what my pace was during the running and also to keep an eye on my time. Bad decision. During the KB swings I let the bell get behind me and it flopped over and smacked into my wrist… SHATTERING the face of my watch!!!


I attribute this to my poor wrist strength. It is now going to be a top priority for me to improve my wrist strength and mobility. Once I figure out how to do that I’ll be sure to let y’all know.

Anyways, I guess I’ll try to see if Garmin can replace the face on my watch (everything else works fine). Unless anyone has a better idea?

Lesson: don’t wear watches to CrossFit especially if there are kettle bell swings in the WOD!!

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