Whole Life Challenge Wrap Up

Good Morning!

As you may have read previously, I participated in the Whole Life Challenge from February 16 to April 11. 55 days of FUN.  Now that the challenge is over I’m going to do a simple pro’s and con’s list, and then also share what I learned from my challenge, what practices stuck, and what I’m planning for the future.  Settle in, it’s going to be good!

First: I came in 5th place in my gym (about 45ish people).  No it wasn’t first place like I was shooting for, but everyone at our gym made TREMENDOUS improvements. And it makes me so proud to be apart of such a great community.

My baseline work out scores:

  • before: 158
  • after: 179

the work out was:

  • 12 Minute AMRAP
  • 1000m row
  • 60 air squats
  • 50 hand release push ups
  • 40 ab mad sit ups
  • 30 burpees
  • (start back to squats if finish one round)

My body measurement scores (can’t believe I’m posting these on the internet, but…)

  • before: hips = 41; waist = 32
  • after:  hips = 38; waist = 28

Challenge Pros:

  • The website keeps you accountable
  • It wasn’t just about nutrition/paleo eating
  • Mobilization really made a difference for me
  • Could track progress with your body measurements and baseline work outs
  • Body weight wasn’t really a concern, since everyone would most likely be building muscle to replace any body fat

Challenge Cons:

  • 2 months is a long time
  • I don’t think bonus points should have been used for food…I found myself banking on using those bonus points.  I feel like they were enabling me.
  • It was frustrating when the site didn’t work properly
  • I think rest days should have been incorporated, or at least maybe having like a “yoga day” or something.  55 days straight of active recovery work outs is kind of a lot.  Plus your body needs to rest in order to build your muscles.

What I learned/what stuck:

  • Taking a supplement.  I’m going to stick with the fish oil, and potentially add a probiotic.
  • Mobilizing. why was I not doing this before?  It feels SO good, and makes SUCH a difference. I need to take some time to catch up on MobilityWOD  and try some more/different techniques.
  • Drinking water.  ugh.  I mean how many times have people said “you should drink more water” or “drinking water is key to a healthy life” or many other variations of those phrases.  countless, that’s how many times.  But was I listening?  Nope, not really.  I’m a champ at hydrating before big races or long rungs, but I do not consistently hydrate.  Well, now I do!  I noticed a major difference in my body when I drank at least half my body weight in water.
  • My skin benefits from eating clean and drinking water.  Again, not sure why I wasn’t listening to the people who have been preaching this all along, but now I finally get it.  Sugar + my skin do NOT agree.  Same with dairy and gluten.  I feel like someone would be able to tell everything I ate during the past week just by looking at my face, they wouldn’t even need to ask me.
  • I snack way too much.  Even though the snacks were paleo, I should still chill out with the amount of snacking that I do throughout the day.

What I’m planning for the future:

  • WHOLE 30 CHALLENGE Maybe in May or June?  I would like for my whole family to do this with me too.  It’s going to take some persuading though.  There’s even a Whole 9 seminar in Northern VA on June 22 that I’m thinking about attending.
  • No more cheat meals. I heard a great quote while watching a food and nutrition documentary last week (it deserves its’ own separate post). Basically they said by eating “cheat meals” once a week is like a heroine addict saying “Well, I only do heroine on Sundays, so it’s okay…”  Obviously this does sound a little extreme, but I interpreted it to mean:  Polluting your body is polluting your body no matter what it is with or how often you do it.  Just because I eat jelly beans once a week doesn’t mean that it is good for my body; I’m filling my body with garbage.  So, no more of that!
  • Food Journal.  I’m interested to see how certain foods make me feel and what affect they have on me when I eat them.  I’m currently trying to come up with a sweet printable to share with everyone.  The journal will not only include spots for recording what food is consumed, but also a place to makes notes about how you feel throughout the day, a place to record a work out, work out performance, and SLEEP!

All in all, the I would highly recommend the Whole Life Challenge to anyone who is looking for some motivation to change their life in a positive way! It’s totally worth it and it is a lot of fun.  Not to mention, there are THOUSANDS of other people who are participating in the challenge right along with you, so there is always someone to talk to or provide encouragement.

I’m off to the box to get my WOD on this morning! Hope everyone has a super fabulous weekend!!!

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