CrossFitMy name is Kayla and I love CrossFit.

I started doing CrossFit workouts in November 2012. After a lot of back-and-forth I decided to try out a CrossFit box in my area and was instantly hooked. I’m talking full-fledged, kool-aid drinking obsessed. There was no turning back.

I found my current box- 336 CrossFit and Athletic Training- in January 2013 and starting WOD’ing 5-6 times a week. Sometimes I try to mix in a few short runs throughout the week and on Sundays–typically no more than three times a week though.

What goes hand in hand with becoming CrossFit obsessed? Thinking about and talking about CrossFit 24/7 to any and all people, whether they are interested or not. Thus, why I created Girl Meets WOD. This is a place where I can jabber on and on about all of my CrossFit and Paleo related adventures.

Though I love CrossFit and eating paleo, I am in no way an expert on either subject. I’m simply a girl who loves to work out and eat clean and wants to share her story with anyone who is willing to listen.

Thanks for checking out my blog!!


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