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Weekend Shopping

Yay! I finally bought a few things from my wish list that I posted a few weeks ago.

1. I bought GOT FOR FREE the foam roller that I wanted. Yessss!!! I absolutely love it. I would have paid for it. It’s 100% totally worth it. If you’re debating a new foam roller I would definitely recommend the grid.

Great story. Every time Jacob comes to visit me in High Point, we usually end up going to the REI at Friendly Center in Greensboro. It’s a two story REI and we LOVE IT. Some how, magically, every time we go, they are ALWAYS having their members-only garage sale. Usually filled with tons of awesome gear, clothes, shoes, random stuff that people have returned for whatever reason. It’s hilarious to shop this sale because they have the reasons for the return written on the tag. It usually ends up sounding something like this: “wore for two weeks, decided I didn’t like it…” WHAT? or “decided this hiking pack was too big…” Anyways, Jacob usually ends up finding AWESOME stuff. One time we found a pair of REI camping cots (the legit ones that are super comfortable). The tags said $50/each, BUT when we went to check out they rang up as $25 each…$50 for the pair! BOOM! This time Jacob ended up walking away with an Arc’Teryx brand hiking backpack. It was originally like $250, but he got it for $70.

It was also my lucky day too because our REI dividends for 2012 were ready to be used. If you aren’t an REI member, but shop there on the reg, you should become a member. You get like 10% of your purchases back every year to use just like a gift card. This year Jacob and I racked up $90 in dividends, so I snagged the trigger point grid foam roller and ended up paying $0 and Jacob only had to pay $20 for his back pack. We are quite the savvy shopping couple.

2. Norts (Nike Shorts) were buy one get one half off at Dick’s this week. Grabbed two pairs, in the smallest size I’ve ever been able to fit into as far as sports shorts go. Thanks CrossFit. Annnnnd I had a $10 off coupon, score! $40 for shorts!

3. Bought a mint green Brine lacrosse ball to use for mobility. Sorry Rouge Fitness, I love you guys, but I didn’t want to pay for shipping.

4. New Food Processor!! Hooray! No, I didn’t get the Ninja, but I did upgrade to a 3-cup food processor/chopper. Food Network brand from Kohl’s– $25. Definitely worth the upgrade. I wasn’t ready to commit to the legit $200 Cuisinart/Kitchen Aid/Ninja one yet. I’m feeling like that’s more of a birthday present type of purchase.


Review of 13.3 aka wall ball hell

I did the work out first on Thursday morning. Ended with a score of 160. My wall ball strategy went like this: First 50 = sets of 10. Second 50 = trying not to die. Third 50 = sets of 5. Finished with 11:30 on the clock. Somehow managed to crank out 10 double unders. Reminder: I couldn’t really even do double unders until about a week ago.

Tried the WOD again on Sunday. Did a little bit better. Wall ball strategy was still about the same. I somehow moved a little faster though because I finished with the wall balls by 10:30. I was able to do 28 double unders which put me with a score of 178. No muscle ups for this girl. Ehhh, maybe next year. They’ll probably do the WOD again and go for the three-peat.


Newest Obsession: Lara Bars

Especially the coconut cream pie ones. OOOO-EMMEE–GEEEE! My friend, Natalie, tried them last week. I was skeptical at first. Coconut isn’t usually my go-to, but I figured, “Hey, Natalie says they’re good, so they must be good!” So I found them at Harris Teeter, and by golly if these things aren’t the most delicious paleo treats I’ve ever had! Most all of the bars are made with fruit, dates, nuts, etc. All natural and paleo-friendly ingredients. Yummy, yummy. Some other great flavors are: apple pie, banana bread, chocolate coconut, peanut butter and jelly, cherry pie, blueberry muffin, and carrot cake. Beware though, they are rich and very addicting. Per Natalie’s suggestion–she cuts them in to 12 tiny pieces. She’s much more disciplined than I am though. I usually eat half of the bar before realizing what I’ve done. So take Natalie’s advice and cut them into pieces as soon as you get them home.

Through some online researching I also found that they make a line called “Jocolat” made with cocoa powder that are supposed to taste like chocolate. Whhhhat?! I really want to try the chocolate hazelnut. I’m going to have to get my hands on these some how…

I just posted two days in a row… Whhhhhat?

Check you guys later!!

P.S. I started reading The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection by Dr. Allison Wenglin Belger. It seems awesome. I’ll let you guys know what I think when I’m all done.


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