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Day Job

Wahhh! I’ve been away for so long 😦 boo!  My intent was to write blog posts in advance, hoard them, and then post intermittently throughout last week.  Why?  Well because last week was Furniture Market.

Let me tell you about what I do when I’m not at CrossFit or cooking food.  I work…in the retail furniture industry…as an online merchandising manager.  It’s kind of like a fancy way of saying that I choose (merchandise) the products (furniture, rugs, accessories, etc.) that my company sells on our website (online).  It’s a pretty sweet set-up.  I went to college at High Point University and graduated with an Interior Design degree.  There is obviously some overlap between what I do now and what I studied in school, so I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing.

Anywho, this may be something that you don’t know about the furniture biz:  twice a year (October and April) there is a week long “market” that takes place in High Point, NC.  The entire downtown area of High Point, which is normally abandon-looking, turns in to the most vibrant, lively city in the world.  There are people EVERYWHERE from all over the world. It’s sort of like “Fashion Week” except for furniture.  Furniture Market is the one week (twice a year) where furniture manufacturers set up these BEAUTIFUL showrooms filled with furniture to premier all of their new furniture designs for the upcoming season.  Then, furniture buyers (retailers, interior designers, etc.) come to the market and purchase products for their stores or their clients and that’s what you (the consumer) end up seeing and or buying in the furniture store or online when you go shopping!  It’s a pretty big deal for the furniture industry.  There is another Furniture Market in Las Vegas that is also twice a year, but the first Furniture Market was in High Point, NC, so to me it really is the Furniture Market–but I’m also biased because I live here…soo…

So why was I unable to post last week?  What is it about Furniture Market that had me so distracted?  I WAS TIRED!! and my feet hurt.  I know I sound like a whiny baby, but really, furniture market takes a lot out of a person.  The day looks something like this:  Get into work at 8:00am, head downtown (10 minute drive for me), find parking (nearly impossible), walk to and from and around furniture showrooms for the next 10-12 hours–stopping occasionally to test out a piece or once for lunch and maybe a snack in the afternoon.  The great part for me is that I get to come home ot my own house and sleep in my own bed during market.  Anyone who doesn’t live locally (majority of people) have to stay in hotels all week.

Let’s see, because I merchandise the website, I have about 200+ different furniture manufacturers that I would have liked to have visited.  However, the market only lasts 5 days.  You do the math.  On average I spend about 30 minutes to an hour in each showroom.  I ended up going to market 4 out of 5 days (had to take one day to rest) and saw 43 different showrooms.  It was a pretty solid market for me.  I was targeting a lot of new manufacturers that I’d like to begin selling on our site, so I was actually pretty successful in that respect.

The good news:  I did make it to CrossFit every day that I planned on going (I rested on Thursday) despite my poor, screaming feet.  And furniture market enables me to be up and walking around throughout the day instead of being chained to my desk–which is where I normally am.  So that’s always a nice change of pace.

The bad news: I had to go to the evening CrossFit classes since I had to get to work earlier than usual.  Even though there is lots of free food at market, most of it was NOT paleo. And, I couldn’t really muster the energy to write any good posts at the end of the night.

So even though I love seeing the pretty, new furniture, I am glad that market has come and gone.  See you again in October!  Back to my usual 6:30am CrossFit classes!

And now you know what I do during the day when I’m not at the box!  FURNITURE, that’s what!

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